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"When are you leaving?"

Just one of the questions that Yvette and I are hearing a lot lately and for good reason. This past winter when we were bringing in firewood and shoveling snow off the deck from our now sold home, we thought we would be on the road by the end of September…at the latest. HA!

As it turns out, several factors have kicked this "date can" farther down the road. The question is, how far?

As I write this, Chevrolet has published an online schedule that claims they will be building the 2018 Silverado 3500 Chassis on or about 8/21. Now as many of you know, we were caught in a build date snafu. Chevrolet moved the dates that would other wise let us order a 2017 model. But because they moved the cutoff date, we had to wait for some re-tooling and slight manufacturer reconfiguration before we could even order a truck. In other words, delays.

Okay, so the build date is supposed to be 8/21, but not everyone’s brand new 2018 Chevy will be built on this date. So when will ours be built? “Your’s has priority”, is all we have heard.

So here is my best guess as to the flow and timeline of future events. Let’s see how close I am. Place your bets.

August 31st- Our truck rolls off the line (my guess).

September 15th-The truck will be delivered to ProVan in South Carolina (again, guessing here but from what I have experienced, ordered vehicles take about two weeks to be delivered from when they roll off the line.)

October 31st- Provan completes vehicle customization and Yvette and I pick up our new Tiger.

November 9th- We spend about a week slowly making our way back to Massachusetts to pick up our Turtleback Trailer, arriving in Amherst on this date.

November 15th- Last minute packing and any mechanical tweaking then we depart Massachusetts and head wherever the weather is inviting by this date.

Hmmm...stay tuned.

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