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Kind of a strange title right? Well, if you have ever taken the time to walk through the woods for about an hour, endured the “7 minute itch” and squadrons of mosquito’s that were obviously working for the “other side”, just to get to your favorite fishing hole…well, maybe you still won’t get it. But hey, welcome back anyway.

So, after weeks of not knowing where our truck was, or whether it was even built yet, we think we might have gotten a “nibble”recently. Last week I received a phone call from the owner of ProVan, the company in South Carolina who will customize and build our Tiger vehicle. The owner wanted to let us know that he had received an I.D. number from General Motors which was assigned to our truck. And, though it was an“inventory number”, it was also significant because this number is only revealed to the end user when the truck is on a rail car and being shipped! AND, as I have been told, once it’s on a rail car, it's only 7 days away from the fleet dealer in South Carolina. To put this into perspective, I am writing this about a week after I received the phone call, so hopefully, the truck should be very close, if not parked in the dealership right NOW!

If you have read the last blog post, “When are you leaving?”, it looks like our timeline is about the same, maybe even a bit earlier. My only concern will be a new storm which is forming in the Atlantic Ocean which, if you believe any of the computer models, show the storm possibly landing in the Carolinas. We shall see…

Not our truck...but then again, maybe.
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