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The Royal Roller Coaster

“Step up to the platform kid, lets see if you’re tall enough for this ride.”

I Just received an email from our friends at ProVan. Our truck in waiting has completed it’s seat belt retractor upgrade and is heading to South Carolina! (Insert virtual fist pump here.)

At first when I heard the news I was a bit skeptical. After all, we've heard this info before right? Like everyone, you have good days and you have days that you just want to put behind you. Learning to temper your expectations is a part of the process. On a positive note, the truck did spend it’s time sitting in a parking lot out of harms way of Harvey and Irma. Or as my wife would put it, “It could always be worse.”

If the truck is finally headed to South Carolina, time for us to get busy. We spent an hour or so yesterday compiling a list of tasks to complete prior to the vehicle being finished. What to do with this and that. Everything goes into the list from what to pack for clothes to setting up a special mobile filing system for important paperwork. The list is filled with logistic tidbits to take our mind off the delays and schedule upheavals. We're familiar with most of the drill, we closed on our home just 4 months ago. We have also confirmed the final revisions for the truck coach build, no turning back now.

Stock photo of GM truck shipment by rail

And don’t forget, we’re not just preparing for the big departure, there is an intermediate departure as well, a dry run if you will. Our first departure will be when we travel to South Carolina to pick up the finished Tiger (hopefully around October), travel around the South Carolina area for about a week, then head home to pick up the trailer and make our final departure. For our first departure, we will be leaving our area by train rather than flying due to some of the equipment we have to carry. Sorry, I’m not trusting my stuff with the airlines. Besides, I’m not a big fan of flying anymore.

So hopefully the next post you’ll see will include a nice photo of our new truck before it gets the bed removed. See you in about a week. Fingers crossed…

"Okay kid, looks like you made the grade, pick a car and buckle up butter cup."

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