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Houston, The Silverado Has Landed!

Finally, forward progress has been detected! On October 5th I received an email from Provan Industries (the folks that are going to build our coach) stating that our chassis finally arrived at their location! Our 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD has begun its metamorphosis into what will soon become our Tiger Adventure Vehicle!

So, how long will it take before we finally take delivery? That's hard to say but according to everything we have heard, the time frame for a typical "Bengal" build process might be around 5 weeks. But they certainly didn’t waste any time when it arrived, the builders have already taken the first step and removed the truck bed from the chassis and begun modifications to the chassis’s frame. The optimist in me thinks that since they have had some time to work on the coach portion while waiting for the chassis, the build process might be a bit shorter.

Our 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD

So what are we doing in the mean time now that the 5 week countdown has begun? Well, we’re still ordering a few odds and ends for the coach itself. Since we will be relying on Wifi for most of our internet tasks, a Wifi booster will be ordered and need to be installed. An ARB refrigerator will be installed behind the drivers seat of the truck to help us extend our stay in remote areas. Little details like compost medium for the compost toilet has to be in supply if we are ever going to “take care of business.” Linens and other odds and ends need to be addressed.

And of course there are a number of tasks at home which have to be completed as well. We still have to sell one last vehicle, rent the condo, work on getting our mail forwarded, and on and on. But oddly enough, everything seems to falling into place.

Hopefully by the middle of November, we will take a train from here to West Columbia SC to pick up our new Tiger. We then plan on spending a week or so, testing and driving as we make our way north back home. Then, after a few days of tying up any loose ends, and final packing, then off we go!

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