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House Sitting in Milledgeville, Part II

It's Christmas morning in Milledgeville Georgia and our house sitting adventure is about half over. We make French toast for our Christmas breakfast and sit comfortably on the back deck watching geese and grebe float on Lake Sinclair while we eat. But how exactly did we end up here, and why now? After all, shouldn't we be in Arizona by now?

House Sitting in Milledgeville GA

There are several advantages to house sitting that I outline in Part I of this post, but how did we come about this particular house-sit? Delays due to winter weather and technical issues intially slowed us down and as such, we are using the occasional house-sit as a way to re-group while we make our way west. Fortunately there are a few websites that deal with house sitting and for those who might be curious, I will post the links to those sites at the end of this entry. House sitting websites are great at connecting those who want to leave their home to get out of town with folks who are responsible and willing to look after their animals and property. And for those who are entrusted with this responsibility, it can also be a great way to explore a different part of the world or culture. In addition, it also allows us to catch up on things efficiently in a short period of time. Ordering items we need from Amazon and having them delivered to us. Also, having our mail forwarded to us (thanks Sarah!). It's also a good time for writing or cooking, freezing food ahead for the road.

Lake Sinclair, Milledgeville GA

Christmas Eve

We applied for this particular house sit while we were waiting for our truck's furnace adjustment in West Columbia, South Carolina about a month ago. Once the homeowner picks an applicant to watch their home, a conversation or two takes place between the homeowners and the applicants to help clarify any details or questions that might exist. In our case, we had concerns about the access to the driveway with our truck and trailer, and what type of sleeping arrangements existed for us. Once all those items were cleared up, the sit was confirmed and we put it on our calendar. There was a certain feeling of security for us knowing that we had a place to drop anchor.

Milledgeville GA

Our very lovely house sit...

Once our house-sit in Milledgeville was confirmed, we planned our camping and exploration so that we would have a 2 hour road trip to the house sit the day it was scheduled to start. Upon arrival, we met the homeowners and immediately began our walk through the home and property that would guide us through our responsibilities including watching over our new friend Max, a 10-year-old very relaxed black lab who is an absolute prince. The owners were very nice and accommodating and instantly made us feel right at home. It was a great example of what a home sit should be and allows both parties to enjoy the process from start to finish. Once the owners were satisfied that we had things well in hand, they left to begin their trip. We, in turn, unloaded some of our groceries and spent some quality time with Max. But it won't end there. Communication with the owners while they are away helps them stay in touch with whats going on and reassures them their pets are happy and healthy.

Max in Lake Sinclair, Milledgeville GA #blacklab

...and our new pal Max!

Having shopped at the local grocery store on the way in, we had plenty of food to hold us over for a few days. And though this house sit is far from over, it has been a great experience to be able to help someone while allowing us to be able to relax and recharge. One of our tasks, while we are here, is to plan the next leg of our adventure. We have friends to visit in LaGrange, but I am concerned as now both of us seem to be caught in the grips of some kind of head cold. We wrestle with the decision to quarantine ourselves versus seeing friends we have not seen in a long time. Hopefully, we will feel better by the end of the week and it won't be an issue.

For those interested in house sitting here are a few sites to get you started:

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