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Do you YouTube?

I figured it was high time I checked in to see if everyone has a working knowledge as to how to navigate our YouTube channel in addition to our blog.

I try and write a blog post about every week and do a few videos when I can. Some folks like one or the other, sometimes both. The blog’s main page menu has a “Video” button that takes you to the video library which is simply an extension of our YouTube channel.

From the main blog page, click on the "VIDEO" button to access the video library.

The video library will usually show the most current travel video or "VLOG"

It makes things quick and easy since whenever you receive a blog notification by email, you can just navigate to the main page, click on Video button and view the latest video.

Another way to stay ahead of the game and get the latest updates from our YouTube channel, like you do with the blog posts, is to head directly over to our YouTube Channel (CLICK HERE) and SUBSCRIBE.

Our YouuTube Channel. Subscribe, Click the Notification Icon and Share.

If you subscribe, you also need to hit the little notification bell button (see illustration below) and every time I post a new video, you get an immediate email notification just like you do when I post a new blog article.

Finally, if you like what we do with our blog, or our YouTube channel, be sure to share it on Facebook, or where ever you frequent this wonderful world of social media. It the end, the more views we get, the better we like it. It doesn’t earn us any money, but maybe someday someone might like what we do and want to advertise with us or sponsor us and that means more great videos and posts for you guys!

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