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Taking A Break In Breck

Tiger tucked to the side while we house-sit in Brekenridge, Colorado.

We planned on heading back east as soon as we finished up the repeat Rye House-Sit. However, a fifteen day New England forecast revealed (Hot and humid with rain? No thank-you) that maybe we should drag our feet in the west just a little longer. But we didn't want to get back east later than the latter part of August so that we could visit friends and take care of some personal matters. As it turned out, two house-sits popped up that would allow us the time to let the weather in New England to stabilize, and also give us some down time to do some maintenance on the trailer.

"Dude" inside our Tiger Adventure Vehicle

Dude helping us tidy up the rig while we house-sit.

The first of the two last minute house-sits after Rye ended up being a really neat place in Breckenridge. A dog named “Dude” will have our focus while we take some time to work through some issues with the trailer. One of the issues is a drain hose from the sink that started to leak occasionally, flooding the forward storage area.

The source of a drain leak, now under repair.

As a temporary fix, I cut the hose about mid-point and re-routed it below the sink thereby letting us to still use the sink, draining the water off into a bucket. I contacted Turtleback Trailers and they were quick to respond with a new hose, shipping it out even before I had a chance to pay for it! While working on the hose, I had to remove the top crockery drawer above the sink and discovered a separated drawer corner joint. As luck would have it, our house-sit home-owner had plenty of woodworking tools on hand so that I could fix the drawer properly while waiting for the new drain hose to arrive.

Normally, the drain hose runs forward from the kitchen area but I had to modify it after we discoved a leak.

Dove tail joint seperated so a bit of glue and a clamp should do the trick. I may attach some corner brackets at a later date.

Breckenridge is at an altitude of about 9800 feet. For me, I do notice the high altitude affect while walking up long hills. Not extreme, though it is slightly noticeable, I simply “shift down a gear” and walk a tad slower. The only other physiological effect for me is sleeping. Just when I’m about to fall asleep, the sensation of falling or suffocating and is annoying to the point that I don’t really fall asleep. Apnea? No, it’s not so much about the breathing as it is about the sensation of falling or an adrenaline-like rush. When we were here before I encountered similar symptoms and at that time I thought perhaps it was because I was a bit under the weather.

Getting in some hiking while at our house sit is a huge bonus.

And at that time, after losing a few thousand feet the situation seemed to correct itself. Now that we’re back up near ten thousand feet again, the symptoms are back. I eventually do fall asleep though it can take 4-5 hours longer than what I would like. Yvette on the other hand, has no problem what so ever. I’ve actually timed on how fast it takes her to fall asleep. Her best time from lights out? About 90 seconds. Such a brat!

Hiking the Black Powder Pass Trail.

It's nice when we can use a house-sit as a base camp!

So we’ll finish up our house-sit here in Breckenridge by the 9th, do a little camping and head to our last house-sit in Silverthorne on the 11th. I’ll check in while we’re there but we are hoping to be on I-70 heading east no later than the 20th so stay tuned.

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