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Vios Con Dios Texas

After leaving New England, we crossed the north eastern border of Texas sometime around the end of November 2018. Now almost 5 months later, we are crossing the border again, this time to exit the north west portion of Texas moving into New Mexico. Will we be back? Maybe...maybe not. I will say this though, if we do go back, chances are pretty good we’ll limit ourselves to areas such as Boerne, Sisterdale and the hill country. Not that we didn’t like other areas of Texas, but Texas is so huge, we really have to draw the line somewhere.

Our timing could not have been better. Record blooms of Blue Bonnets and other wildflowers lined the highways as we made our way northwest through Texas.

Once we finished our final Texas house-sit, we set our sights on accomplishing two things. 1.) Head west, in search of new territory. 2.) Plan to arrive in Durango Colorado on, or before, May 9th for or next house-sit. (This will be a repeat of a house-sit we did last year in the same time-frame.)

Stopping off in Fredericksburg, Tx., for supplies.

We hit several state parks on the way out of Texas, and due to the abundance of rain this year, and some very good timing, we witnessed the bloom of some record breaking amounts of wild flowers. We would go on to visit Texas state parks such as Copper Breaks, Brownwood, Inks Lake and several others. Some good, and some we were just happy to have a place to stop for the night. I think readers of the blog may be getting a bit bored with me re-hashing about state parks we stay in especially when some of the same old issues present themselves. Suffice it to say, if it isn't truly unique, I might mention that we stayed at a park and go over some details, but I'll probably leave it at that.

Even at Copper Breaks State Park, wildflowers were everywhere!

I will mention here that we finished up our exit and last hurrah, at a park we visited last year, Caprock Canyon State Park in Quitaque, Texas. One of our favorite parks, it still held our attention for another 6 days as we hiked and explored what we missed out on our visit here last year. And, just like last year, the winds kicked up a few times keeping things interesting.

Inks Lake State Park may not have been our favorite place to visit, but it had one of the nicest bird blinds we've seen so far.

All in all, we loved Texas. I think some folks have some misconceptions about the state and maybe the people who live there. What makes Texas so great and our eyes? The people. Kind hearted, hard working folks that would not only give you the shirt off their backs, but they give you their time as well. We have made some life long friends in Texas and we will miss them all.

Of all the state parks in Texas, for us Caprock Canyon State Park was on the top of our favorite list. Hiking, Bison, great sunsets, and the gorgeous night sky were just some of the highlights here.

Warm days and cool nights made for great tent camping at Caprock.

Hiking at Caprock Canyon was some of the best for us in Texas.

Great views throughout the entire park.

We exited Texas and headed to New Mexico and set our sights on a park called Oasis State Park. It wouldn't be a park for exploring, but more of a place where we could quietly call it a day, and circle the wagons for the night. We'll pick up there next time, but don't bring your canteen. I'll explain later.

In Other News...

Location Update:

Currently in Durango, Colorado house sitting until about May 28th. Waiting on parts for both the trailer (awning repair from windstorm in NM.) Also, broke a small plastic piece on the awning attached to the truck.) Working on my patience as well as the two vendors I'm dealing with are not very responsive. WIFI is basic at best, so getting up to date is slow going.

Want to Help?

At the suggestion of some of our viewers, we have set up a GoFundMe page. The purpose of this page is to help cover the cost of keeping up the blog page, domain name and other miscellaneous costs. In exchange, we provide regular blog posts and also YouTube videos of places we see and things we do. It's not mandatory but even $5 helps offset the costs. If you would like to donate, please click HERE. It's totally up to the individual.

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