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Hatch New Mexico: The Great Cheeseburger Fail

After a great visit to the White Sands Missile Museum and a great night’s sleep in the desert mountains that surrounded Aquirre Springs BLM campground, we were off to Hatch New Mexico. We had hoped our visit would be highlighted by a tasty treat for lunch at the world famous "Sparkies." We had the route all planned out so that we would arrive just around lunchtime. It would give us plenty of time after lunch to walk through the town and peruse some of the shops.

But it was not to be. As it turned out, “Sparkies” was only open three days a week, Thursday through Sunday. And since it was Tuesday, we were out of luck. Instead, we had what turned out to be a fairly disappointing lunch at one of the only cafes that were open in town, The world famous 'I'll Spit On Your Burger". In hindsight, we should have made lunch ourselves.

Hatch Chile

$16, not a bad deal!

Hatch, NM

Hatch, NM

Hatch, NM

All was not lost however, we did walk through town and peeked into some of the shops. There was definitely a large number of dried chiles and chile powders available. Prices were extremely reasonable and if we had more room, we would have spent very little money on quality peppers. As an example, a bushel bag of dried chiles cost about $16 in one of the 3 heat ranges.

After our quick tour of some of the shops, it was back on the road to our next destination and park for the night, Cabello Lake State Park. Nothing spectacular to report at this park but it seemed to be fairly popular amongst the anglers. A fair amount of campers had not only their campers but their boat as well. Lake state parks in this state make living easy for anglers. Well maintained boat ramps, cleaning tables and larger than normal site parking to accommodate boats are just a few of the examples of making life easy for campers who love to fish.

But for us, it was just nights stop as we make our way through New Mexico, now setting our goal to eventually arrive in Durango Colorado by the middle of May.

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