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Mesa Verde National Park

On a tour through one of the many dwellings within Mesa Verde.

We were so close last year. But things just didn’t seem to work out as we had a certain schedule to adhere to. And even in this lifestyle, you still have some sort of a schedule to keep. We were lucky enough to have a second chance at it visiting Mesa Verde, ironically because of the same reason we were here last year, a Durango house-sit.

We left Farmington NM after holing up in a small, off the road BLM site. It was clean, but nothing so extraordinary that I’ll remember it for more than a year, or five minutes. The road noise was more than evident and the night sky was spoiled by the city lights of nearby Farmington. "Quit whining John, at least you weren't shivved." But I digress.

We arrived at Mesa Verde with the intent of laying up for our repeat house-sit in Durango, CO. So, we knew that we were going to spend at least 4 nights at Mesa Verde which would give us some time to explore this one-of-a-kind national park. When we rolled in, the park had no 'full hook-up" sites available, which was fine by us. As for the primitive camp sites, half the sites were available and we easily found a few spots that would work.

View from one of the many trails. Can you find our camper?

We picked one that allowed us to park the truck and trailer side by side and quickly proceeded with what we call, "Settling in." Carpet goes out, trailer gets configured, chairs get unpacked. And when everything is done, someone usually asks, "Would you like a cocktail?" And we all know the answer to that one.

Along with all the ruins and archeological wonders, there was an abundance of great hiking!.

We spent most of our time hiking the trails, and traveling to different areas within the park observing the numerous archeologic sites. Yes, this place is huge, you travel sometimes up to 18 miles within the park to see stuff! It baffles the mind learning how these ancient people lived, how they survived. And, how clever their architecture was and how it evolved over time. I’ll try and put a LINK here so you can read additional information about what we saw.

The nights were cool in temperature and with great views of the milky way and Jupiter. The weather otherwise was a mixed bag during the day. We got lucky a few days with some sun. We are off to Durango for a repeat house sit and visit one of our best pals, Josie. Oh, and Gary and Michelle! WooHoo! (Note to self, check Tequila supply.)

Where are we now? Believe it or not, we're in Wyoming. Yea, yea I know, I'm behind. Well, not my fault. Someone in Washington promised me they'd get on that whole "Update our Infrastructure" thing and we all know how that worked out. Internet sucks out here, it's as simple as that. But, we have a decent house sit coming up so we'll hammer a bunch of stuff out then.

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