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Moab! Where the action is!

If you’re ever in Utah, one place you have to visit is Moab. My writing style is going to get somewhat abbreviated because there is so much to say about this place, I'll let photos do most of the talking.

Parked at Ken's Lake Campground, just outside of Moab, Utah.

We stayed just outside of town at a park called Ken’s Lake State Rec area. Hot during the day, cool at night. Lots of hiking! You can never bring too much water with you!

Arches National Park. Very impressive, unbelievable geologic features. It will take your breath away….but wayyyyy too many people this time of year. (You people really need to start using more birth control!).

If you come here, make it before memorial day or after labor day. Trying to take photos of any of the arches without people in them…impossible. We'll be back when the masses have left.

Bicycles. Bicycle heaven. If you don’t have one, you can rent one. There are probably 100,000 bicycles in the town in any configuration. Plenty of trails of all skill levels with amazing views.

Zip Line, didn’t do it…(probably due to the phobia of trying it on a clothesline when I was 6) but they have plenty of companies here.

Rafting, Jet boat or other? Many places to raft and kayak along the Colorado. Water was really high due to snow melt.

Off-Road. You can rent a jeep or a rock crawler. You can take a guided tour or rent an ATV or UTV. And wait for it…UTV’s & ATV's are legal to drive in town. Helmet lLiterally, have seen them parked at the bank, grocery store wherever. You see them in town driving and parking at restaurants. Yep, back home you get a ticket from the Environmental Police for crossing the road, here you wave at them while driving down the road.

Practicing our boon docking site searching skills.

Up for a tour in the mountains? We've got just the vehicle!

Liquor. We were told you could only get the hard stuff at state-run package stores, but beer and wine we saw for sale in the grocery store. Drinking out? Unless you are in a bar, you have to order food with your drink. They have a special tree at the edge of town where they hang DUI drivers…so I’m told.

Still seeing flowers in bloom!

Prices? Generally, it’s a lot like a ski town (there is backcountry skiing in the winter BTW) prices are above average. We went out one night and a bowl of Pho (for me) and a chef style salad (for her) with two drinks was almost $90 with tip. And my bowl of Pho was small (and not very good). I had a Bloody Mary that was...barely drinkable.

I ask you, how hard is it to make a Bloody Mary? It looks good, sure. Pretty is as pretty does.

Finally, outside of town, we followed the Colorado River upstream (by road, not boat) and found a great little lodge called the Red Cliffs Lodge. The site also had a great movie museum highlighting all of the movie classics that were filminess in the region. If you love old westerns, this place has your name all over it.

L-R(L) This was our view in the afternoon behind our campsite.(R) The Colorado River as it ran through the Red Cliffs.

We might do a repeat of this place in the spring, maybe before herds of people overwhelm it, we’ll see. On to our next stop. But where? Maybe we’ll get lost.

The Entrance to Red Cliffs Lodge & Castle Creek Winery. A Hotel near the Colorado, and a winery! Genius!

There was a great movie museum at the Red Cliffs Lodge. Yvette tasting a lovely red at Castle Creek Winery

Red Cliffs Lodge and Cedar Creek Winery on the Colorado River. Rent a cabin, or stay in the hotel. It's got everything!

On a final note. This isn't what we eat every night, but most of the time we can create better food than some of the menu items we find on the road.

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