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Tower Of The Devil

Devils Tower National Monument

Moving on from South Dakota, we headed west to Wyoming to Devils Tower National Monument. As with most of the driving in this part of the country, it’s fairly laid back and relaxing. Multiple stops were done to help take in the views.

We arrived at Devils Tower and we were a bit nervous because it was a “First Come First Serve” type of park. So we didn’t know whether or not we would even be able to get in and camp. There was even a line at the gate and not many people coming out as we arrived early in the afternoon. But luck was on our side.

In the campground for a few nights. Decent view of the giant stone tower can be seen...if you walk off to the right.

There were a few spots left and as we were rounding the campground circle, we noticed another camper leave a prime spot and we had first dibs for it and grabbed it.

We spent two nights at the park and made the most of our time hiking and biking. The tower itself is indeed a natural wonder and it’s no surprise it is the spiritual center of sorts for the Native American community. I’ll put a link HERE if you would like to learn more about the monument.

Night Sky at Devils Tower.

At this point, we made the decision that we wanted to see Yellowstone. We were hesitant at first as we had heard rumors that it would be swarmed with people. But watching a few friends FB page, and their experience, it appeared visitor numbers seemed to be down. So guess where we’re going next?


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