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Campsite at Lake De Smet.

I guess when we really look at our situation, no matter how our stay was in the Big Horn, no matter how bad things seem to be at any given time, things could always be worse.

The site on the left, which is higher on the hill, was the site of a suicide. The trailer to the right was never occupied while we were there. Someone just showed up and took the trailer the last day we were there, 3 days later.

We left the big horn on a Friday in hopes that we might find a camping spot that might be a tad quieter than what we had near Crazy Woman Creek. So we set our heading to a small lake type recreation area about 30 miles south of Sheridan Wyoming, at Lake De Smet. But with the holiday weekend, we were not optimistic as to whether or not we would even be able to get in. But luck would smile upon us once again. Or did it?

Semi-panoramic view of Lake De Smet.

A nice little site overlooking the lake. And it seemed we were far enough away from folks to give us, and them, some privacy. We set up camp and took a walk through the park. It was pretty crazy in certain sections, overcrowding seemed to be okay in this park.

The more dense portion of the park was mostly out of ear shot to the right.

As it turned out we would speak with the host to find out that this park was pretty loose policy-wise, and the people who used it, knew it. A site that would normally have one trailer, had three, plus a few boats, cars, etc. The wind blew in the right direction so we didn’t hear too much from our site.

But tragedy struck very close to us that first night, when someone in a site just up the hill from us, became the site of a suicide. The man's partner came crying to us hysterically the next morning and we did all we could to comfort her and notify the authorities. This is the second suicide that we have witnessed in about 15 months. Both of which where drug related. It made for a pretty somber stay. So with that, I’ll just post some photos of the place along with our visits to Sheridan.

The victims friend returns at the end of the day to retrieve what belongings remained. The two of us sat near our fire and reflected upon the reality of the day.

Sackett's Market-Sheridan, WY. We stocked up with all kinds of goodies and even had some lunch while there. Great people here.

Ran into a great car show during one of our visits to Sheridan, WY. If we had more time, we would have seen a great rodeo too!

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