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Cape Blanco State Park-Port Orford, OR

I wrote severals drafts for this post before I arrived at the final copy. I just could not seem to portray the great experience that we had while visiting Cape Blanco, another state park on the coast of Oregon.

The beach was only a short walk from our campsite. A few great vantage points up high. We were able to spot several whales off the coast.

Years ago, while I lived in Connecticut, I would often ride my bike into the Devils Hopyard State Park which was close to where I lived. There was a section of the road where it would transition from mostly deciduous trees to all Eastern Hemlock. As soon as you entered under the canopy of these huge trees, the temperature would drop considerably, which during the summer was a welcome relief. And, the fragrance of this cooler environment was to me, like the smell of Christmas.

Our campsite surrounded by very old Western Red Cedar, Western Hemlock and Douglas Fir.

Whenever I'm around this smell, even years later, I'm brought back to that very moment in time. The smell of the ocean also has that same effect, bringing back many memories of time spent visiting the ocean when I was young. Cape Blanco had the unique ability to stir up all kinds of memories because it had both of these environments well within the boundaries of the park.

One of the things Cape Blanco is known for is it's 150 year-old lighthouse that is still in operation. This shot was taken when the fog was rolling off of the bluff into the ocean below.


Miles and Miles of beaches to explore.


The Oregon Aquarium was a great way to spend an afternoon. Great facility and staff. Very interesting "Sea-Punk" theme!

We spent about 4 nights here after the Brookings house-sit. Most days were spent exploring the beach. About 3 miles of beach with a small handful of people made this pure joy to explore. And, at night the park was quiet you could hear a pin drop. We also took one of the days to explore an aquarium in nearby Newport. A great facility and I'll let the photos do all the talking.

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