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Tillicum Beach Area

Pounding waves thundering along the Oregon Coast.

Our stay finished at Cape Blanco, it was time to move on yet again. Heading further north up the coast, we chose Tillicum Beach Campground, near the town of Yachats, as our next basecamp for our ongoing Oregon Coast exploration. This particular campground had a variety of campsites, half of which were "reserve only" and the rest were "first-come-first-serve."

There were very few sites in this park to write home about except those that had a view of the beach. Needless to say, we won't be writing home. So, when given lemons...

Cape Perpetua Scenic Area, Siuslaw National Forest

Cape Perpetua Scenic Area, Siuslaw National Forest

Not getting a great campsite didn't stop us from getting out and exploring the area. If anything, we had a bit more motivation! We were able to explore several beach access points both south and north of our location. And, we even found a great lookout that overlooked a very cool inlet. We even got to have a simple dinner in town which was quite good.

One of the access areas called Devel's Churn was pretty amazing. It had been a bit windy with intermittent rain when we arrived at this narrow inlet on the ocean.

Devils Churn

Forcing waves to compress in a small inlet created lots of sea foam that when the wind gusted, was lifted hundreds of feet in the air. I got down close to take some photos and was mesmerized by the power and texture of the sea.

Devils Churn

Devils Churn. An area where waves from the Pacific are compressed, creating foam that sometimes gets swept skyward.

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