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Water Falls

With the Welches house-sit less than a week away, we headed east to place called Silver Falls State Park. The drive was windy and hilly at the beginning, and we started to see some of Oregon’s interior beauty. Trees. Lots of Trees. Just gorgeous and majestic rising hundreds of feet in the air. Along with visions of the gorgeous coast, another memory I’ll always have is of this state's trees. And, the waterfalls.

A "Lobster Mushroom." A slight smell of fish, when cooked they are supposed to be very tasty. If I were more informed, I might have been tempted.

Silver Falls State Park was a great place to lay up or a few days before the final push to our house sit. We were able to find a nice site that was relatively private and use this time and spot to do some hiking; this park had plenty of hiking to offer.

(Click on photos to open gallery.)

Counting the parks equestrian trails, there were probably over twenty miles of hiking here. We chose one trail that would reveal about 7 out of 11 of the park's best waterfalls. The photos are all from within the park. Enjoy.

Moss, Sword Ferns and huge trees.

Sun trying to break through.

This photo was an experiment of sorts. I used the "pano" feature of my phone's camera, but used it sideways. Some the upper photo details are washed-out, but I think it's useful to show the height of the trees here.

We would definitely return here. So many trails, so little time. But it's off to Welches for a 3 week house sit, stay tuned.


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