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Heading to Cave Creek, AZ

Hard to beat an Arizona sunset.

If you’re ever mad at your smartphone, nothing says sweet revenge more than watching it struggle as you go back and forth through a time zone. Traveling from Joshua Tree NP to Buckskin Mountain State Park, then up to Laughlin NV, then back over the Colorado River into Arizona all in the same week really had our phones guessing.

Trip to Cave Creek Regional Campground, then house-sit in Cave Creek itself.

Even the trucks clock could not keep up with all the changes in time zones. Being the techno-sympathizers we are (not), we decided to give them all a break and stay in Arizona a while heading to Cave Creek Regional Park, near Cave Creek, AZ. What a gem this place was! A great park with lots of bird and wildlife activity; Great trials and a great nature center. They even offer horseback riding which yours truly may even partake in even though we left the park over a week ago, we’re house-sitting only about ten miles away. Sooo….

Just a small sample of the trails in Cave Creek Regional Park.

Several hiking options through the hills and mountains.

Cave Creek Regional Park
Horseback riding? Yep, bring your own or take a guided tour with one of theirs.

Cactus Wren, mid song. Arizona's state bird.

But as I said, the park was great in so many ways. The facilities were very clean, the staff was courteous, and it was quiet at night except for the owls and the coyotes.

We hiked a few of the trails and seeing the Saguaro Cactus against the hillside in the late afternoon light was pretty cool. Speaking of cool, it was. Down into the upper 30’s at night though it warmed up quickly in the morning as long as the sun was out.

Cave Creek Regional Park
Coyote on it's nightly walk, right behind or rig. Great to hear them at night!

We tried to schedule a stay at this campground when our house-sitting concludes in late January, but like several other Arizona campgrounds, they are booked solid for January and February. If difficulty in trying to book campsites in the future is some sort of omen, we're taking the cue and have been busy trying to book other parks and places of interest for the rest of the winter. And now we're even looking into spring when we'll make our way north (Utah, Idaho,Etc.) when warmer weather decides to re-appear.

Zion National Park in Utah is already booked solid until summer so we’re exploring other camping possibilities outside the park in that particular case. But that’s the way it’s going to be from here on out. We’re not going to let it slow us down or discourage us.

We left Cave Creek Regional Park and headed to our first Arizona house-sit about 9 miles across town. We will be there for about a week and then we’ll start a second house-sit on the day the first one ends. The second sit being about 12 miles away from the first one. We didn’t exactly plan it that way, but we’re glad it worked out like that.

Cave Creek, AZ
Campsite at Cave Creek Regional Park, Cave Creek, AZ

You really don't want to even bump into these Cholla (Choy-ya).

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