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The Pacific Coast

Yvette doing some last minute chores before we leave our house sit in Truckee,CA.

(20 Aug)* Yvette and I were probably not quite on the same page when it came to where our second stop would be after leaving our Truckee House sit. Due in part to the fact that the homeowner was coming home late on our last day we decided just to overnight at Alpine Meadows, a small campground nearby. The homeowner arrived at about 5 PM and after a quick debriefing as to our four weeks that we were there, we headed straight to Alpine Meadows Campground. As noted below, this blog piece is being written a little more than a month after this particular house sit. I make note of this here because to date, we have not received a review for our 4-week stint. Which, if you knew all the details of this sit, is a damn shame. Yvette went above and beyond the call of duty on the first day in order to...well...get things in order. I'll get into detail about this a bit later, but it seems as soon as we crossed over into California, we've noted a change in how people interact, at least on our house-sitting website, and with other people in general. Culture change? As I said, more on that later.

View from Alpine Meadows CG.

(21 Aug)* Our first actual day on the road, Our first stop was 100 miles short of the Pacific Ocean. Perhaps it was my growing up practically on the coast of Connecticut, perhaps it was the DNA of grandfathers past who considered the ocean their mistress. Whatever the reason, I wanted to reach the ocean on the first big push which we did. Even after some crazy, windy driving, we arrived late in the afternoon just south of Mendocino at a little place called Van Damme Camp Ground State Park.

It was great to smell the salt air again, so when we heard that there was a great seafood restaurant nearby, we decided to celebrate and reward ourselves with a good meal after a long day of driving. We unhooked the trailer and drove to a nearby restaurant that overlooked the ocean. "Wild Fish" was a great name for this little place because their focus was on fresh fish, all caught in the wild. Though the meal was expensive (OMG, you have no idea!) It was better than I could ever put into words. After our meal, we headed back to camp for a good nights sleep. The following day, it's off to Oregon!

*Date event occurred. Because of access to internet on the road, the blog piece may be written several weeks after the event.

First Views of the Pacific.


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