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Back to Blanco!

One of the greatest things about this full-time adventure is the flexibility you have when it comes to planning where you want to be, and when you want to be there. Add to that the ability to follow the weather, when it's you favor.

We left our Coos Bay, Oregon house sit and headed back for a re-visit at Cape Blanco State Park, using that as our stepping off point to re-explore the coast to the south, eventually making our way out of Oregon. When I wrote this, we were sitting less than 500 feet from the Pacific, and we both came to the conclusion that Cape Blanco State Park is one of our favorite places we’ve visited in the last 24 months. The view, the long and broad scenic beaches, the lighthouse, and all the trails make this an easy destination to do twice, even thrice!

Now granted, we have been pretty lucky that the weather here is slightly warmer than normal and there hasn't been a drop of rain for at least a week. The temps have hovered around 55-65 during the day and 37-48 at night making for great sleeping. There has been a steady wind from the north with gusts around 35 mph. But we are pretty sheltered most of the time, especially when in camp.

The park itself is quiet. A “No Reservation” park, campers are less likely to experience the local-party-hardy syndrome over the weekend. It seems more like the type of park that people stop for a night or two on the way to somewhere else.

I'm not going to post my usual bunch of photos. Instead, I made a video about the park and you can see it if you follow this LINK or click on the video cover below.

Cape Blanco State Park

Click on photo above to see video

If you would rather see photos of the park, I posted several in the blog post that covered our original visit. You can read that post by clicking HERE.

Our plan from here?

Probably to head south and follow the coast all the way to Big Sur, maybe take in San Francisco on the way.

From there, hopefully, pick up a house-sit somewhere in Southern California, Arizona or southern New Mexico. We have not done well with Californians when it comes to house-sitting. The one and only house-sit we have done thus far, we’ve yet to receive any feedback for the 4 weeks we were there. Feedback is our only sense of “payment” when doing a house sit since the sit itself is free. The more feedback you get, not only are you more likely to get another house sit, but it helps you to get quality house sits. To add to the frustration, the California house sits we do apply for are very rarely acknowledged or answered which is not the norm for us.

Note-Due to the lack of decent internet, this was written in October, and could not be uploaded until today (Nov 28th). We are waaayyy south at this point. But, you'll have to following along to see exactly where.

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