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Brickhouse to Bussey GA, via Newberry

Bussey Point Georgia, that is. It is 12 December and after a nice stay at the Brickhouse Campground, we are heading to Newberry to spend the night before we head off to our new destination, Bussey WMA in Lincolnton GA. The campground was a great place to hike, bike and get familiar with our equipment. If we had access to horses, it also would give us access to a huge network of horse trails.

Brickhouse Campground, Whitmire, South Carolina

We arrive in Newberry early afternoon as it is only a short (about 50miles) drive from the Brickhouse. We stop to get fuel and as always, we get to chat with some of the locals. This time it is with a Newberry Police officer. He is instantly attracted to our rig so we talk for about 15 minutes about his life and ours. It is different here than what we are used to. People we don't even know are willing to open their homes to us as if we've known them all our lives.

"The Flying Pie" Newberry, South Carolina

We settle for the night in Newberry center and after taking care of some housekeeping, we stroll the old

historic town in search of dinner. The town really has a New England feel to it and we can see evidence of an effort to restore and preserve what is old. The Newberry Opera House is the center of attention here, surrounded by other buildings of equal stature. Looking at the show schedule, we are impressed at the upcoming offerings. We continue our walk and opt for a Pizza at a great place called The Flying Pie and we are impressed by the charm of the place as well as the tasty pie choices. Among other things, yours truly opts for something called Cream of Dill Pickle Soup. It was awesome.

"The Bar Figaro" Newberry, South Carolina

After dinner, we indulge and stretch the "entertainment" budget a wee bit more and stop off at The Bar Figaro for a nightcap. Again, we are not only treated by a warm and friendly atmosphere but a historic gem like no other. The small details make the difference here and if you ever get within 100 miles of this place, make your way here. The floor was made from reclaimed wood from The Apollo Theater in NYC. The backdrop behind the bar is at least 35 feet long and 9 feet tall. An antique rescued from a bar somewhere out west, it is an impressive wooden structure. In the adjoining room, a chandelier that looks like a giant stained glass umbrella. Apparently a mystery of sorts, we figure it might have been something from a Tiffany collection, but on steroids. The bartender Anthony isn't just a bartender, he is master of his craft and prepares a drink for me called "The Godfathers Twin" and my wife has a red called "Adobe Blend" both served to us in glassware my wife reveals as Bacarrat Crystal. But the best part was Lanna. She arrived just about the time we were leaving and sat next to us at the end of the bar. Lanna introduced herself and told us some of her life stories while ordering a Bombay Saphire and tonic. She had me at Saphire. She was a pistol and reminded me of my own mother. Gutsy, smart and witty all wrapped around a heart of gold. At one point in our conversation, she even invited us to next years Thanksgiving at her house. We might just take her up on it.

The next morning, we head to The Dining Room Figaro (Seeing a trend here?) and have their breakfast special. Five dollars gets you two eggs, two sausage links, and a homemade biscuit that was out of this world. Everything is farm to table here and the way it was meant to be, pure. We are treated to some beignets after breakfast compliments of John, our chef. My Fitbit groans as we leave.

We stop at a small grocery in town being faithfully attended to by Laura who helps guide us through some of their local offerings. Onion sausage and a loaf of locally baked brioche find their way into our bag, and we head to the truck. We have made several friends here in less than 24 hours. I have to say, we might be putting this town on our list of places to move to if we ever settle down.

But it's off to Bussey Point. Buckle up buttercup!

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