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Brookings, OR.

Brookings Home where we would house sit for almost 2 weeks. Typical morning fog rolling off the Pacific.

(28 AUG 2019) Just awesome. Sitting there in a comfy chair, toddy in hand looking down the valley toward the Pacific Ocean. For two weeks we took care of this 900 acre Oregon ranch where 2 horses, 2 dogs, 5 cats, and 47 chickens, called this ranch their home.

So many great memories forged with these two. Beau, on the right and Spirit, on the left. One memory in particular is laying in bed and hearing them race back in forth during the night. Both are rescue horses.

The homeowners greeted us graciously and even fixed a great dinner for us. Before dinner, we took an hour drive, in two Kubota Gators, through the property to get the lay of the land and orient ourselves. The land is gorgeous but not a lot of trails, just a few dirt roads. The land is extreme here. You’re either going up or down at very steep angles. Since we’ve been in Oregon and especially here, we’ve been surrounded by the most delicious wild blackberries I’ve ever tasted.

Sweet and seemingly seedless.

I easily picked two quarts in little time and they garnished our small sample of ice cream for several nights.

A fire several years ago forced a heard of cows several miles from their original location and on to the owners land. He didn’t seem to mind and while we were there, it wasn’t unusual to spot several of these fellows walking through on their way to better grazing.

When you have 900 acres that need access, you need a few pieces of decent equipment...kinda like these.

Photo of our house-sit. Drone photo taken a bit toward the sun. Hence the rainbow. But it's good example of the fog here. Thicker fog to the right of the photo is more where the ocean is.

The days were usually sunny with a foggy start which would roll in from the ocean and maybe, or maybe not, roll out by noon. Eight miles as the crow flies, the ocean was in view whenever the fog didn’t come into play and if the wind was right, the scent of it all was delivered upon our doorstep.

47 Chickens in 3 separate houses kept Yvette busy in the morning. We did get to keep a few eggs.

Early mornings were the standard here. Feeding the horses, chickens, cats, and dogs before breakfast and then the same in the afternoon really reminded us of home. It was great to be around these animals as they not only served as reminders of home, but they all had great personalities that entertained us every minute of every day. Whether it was Spirit who would kick the fence for chow or tussle with Beau, the chickens constantly exploring, or the dogs and their endless energy, they all made the days go by in a flash.

Angus (L) and Jack (R) escorting me to the lower farm house to feed the 5 cats. One of which is hiding behind Angus.

Sometimes I would take the Gator to do the chores. I always had a company. Never saw a dog that loved to be on the runner boards like Angus. Miss him.

Chickens, especially younger layers, find it amusing to hide eggs all over the farm even though you spend a lot of time and money on fancy coops.

Never a dull moment.

Brookings was is a great little town with lots of small locally owned shops and businesses. We began our quest for looking for seafood but were amazed at the lack of local fishmongers. A most ironic twist being so close to the ocean with little in the way of fresh seafood options.

Back a few years ago, Yvette owned a Mini. She was happy to be able to re-live some of those moments with a loaner from the home-owner.

Halibut for her, Oysters for me. Late lunch in town for fresh fish at the local fish and chip shack!

In the end, we welcomed home the weary travelers and gave them a rundown of the week. We said our goodbyes, which can be a bit difficult, and headed up the coast to our next location, Cape Blanco on the Oregon Coast. You’re going to love the photos from that one!

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