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What's Going On Here!?

You just never know what you'll run into on a road trip. Marquardt Rd., Boerne Tx.

We had spent the day at the Lyndon B. Johnson Ranch in Stonewall Texas, and on our return to Boerne, the navigator (me) decided to take a little side trip down a few of the back roads. On one of the detours, Marquardt Road, we stumbled upon a line of old cars lined up just inside the property fence. The line extended for several hundred feet. Studabakers, Ramblers, and others were all lined up heel to toe following the same curvature of the fence. I can’t help but wonder if this was some sort of message for the neighbor across the street, a property that seemed a bit more…umm…"upper crust", if you know what I mean? Maybe an art statement?

Photo showing the line of cars along the fence line. You would be hard pressed to find some of these "beauties" in a New England junk yard.

I was impressed by the variety of cars. Here's a more detailed collection of photos highlighting some of the more interesting subjects. Click on any one of them to enlarge.

How many can you identify?

(Click to enlarge)

I “google earthed” the area and found something interesting. Though the Google aerial view shows the line of cars, the street view does not so I’m going to assume that this line of cars hasn’t been in place for too long. Anyway, it made for an interesting photo op. You just never know what you'll see.

Google Map Photo of property. Interesting note, when you click on the street view, there are no cars visible. My guess, the cars have not been in line too long.

In Other News...

Location Update:

We are currently in the town of Boerne, Tx. We are leaving shortly for points North and West. This will be our last house sit until Durango Colorado which is scheduled for May. We will try and hit a few wildlife areas along with some recommended state parks in Texas before venturing westward to New Mexico.

Wanna Help?-

At the suggestion of some of our viewers, we have set up a GoFundMe page. The purpose of this page is to help cover the cost of keeping up the blog page, domain name and other miscellaneous costs. In exchange, we provide regular blog posts and also YouTube videos of places we see and things we do. It's not mandatory but even $5 helps offset the costs. If you would like to donate, please click HERE. It's totally up to the individual.

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