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Cody, Wyoming...Wow!

We pulled out of Lake De Smet and headed to Cody, WY.

Buffalo Bill Lake State Park in Cody was our destination goal. There was an unknown however. The unknown being what, if anything, would be available in the form of camping? Frankly, I think after how things progressed during the last week or so, we were just happy to be on the road.

On the way, I wanted to make a quick stop in the town of Greybull (WY) to visit the Museum of Flight and Aerial Firefighting. It was one of those museums that basically amounts to a trailer parked along side an airport border fence with one door on one side (the street side) which is the entrance. You pay your $10 and you get to get out the other door that essentially lets you out on other side of the fence where they aircraft are (the airport side). Lots of good information inside the "building", but I've the attention span of Rhesus monkey who just found 15 acres of ripe fruit, so airplanes here we come! Several examples of cool hardware but not very well maintained. Money must be tight. Anyway, look at the gallery, there is some interesting units there. There is one photo in the gallery that you have to "click" on so that you get a better view.

Some of the firefighting aircraft in this collection.

"Tattered Tail Feathers"

Weathered fabric on the elevator section. Yes, even heavy aircraft used fabric to cover some surfaces.

Notice the lumber required for a make-shift gust lock.

Money is tight, so the condition of these are definitely starting to slide.

Call me crazy, but who doesn't love the sight of Zinc Chromate or the smell of avgas mixed with hydraulic fluid mixed with chaff juice.

(Interior photo of C-119)

As it would turn out, we found a great spot at Buffalo Bill Lake SP, with a nice site overlooking the lake. The weather was great with warm temperatures during the day and pleasant temps at night for great sleeping.

Chairs are all set to take in the "Dinner View" at Buffalo Bill State Park, near Cody, WY.

One of the highlights of the area was the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. Probably the single greatest concentration of information of the west and anything related to everything pioneer, or Native American, that we have seen to date. An amazing must-see spectacle that had us entranced for hours. And believe me, it takes hours, eight as a minimum we were told to properly see everything here. But I’m not sure eight hours is even enough! A couple of days seems more practical. This wasn’t just one museum, it was five museums joined together. I’ll provide a link HERE for the center's home page so you can get more info. Be sure to CLICK on the gallery (cluster of photos) so you can better view each photo.

An overwhelming collection of artifacts and information here in the multi-museum complex.

We also stopped at the Buffalo Bill Lake Dam and Power Complex. One of the first hydro-electric dams built in the west. We got to see a nice exhibit and stood in awe of the this magnificent piece of engineering.

Buffalo Lake created by Buffalo Lake Dam of course.

Buffalo Lake Dam, Cody, Wyoming.

When we rolled out of Cody Wyoming, we both agreed that it would be well worth it to re-visit this place some day. We were blessed with great weather, and several points of interest to keep us occupied. Now, wagons ho to Yellowstone!

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