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Massacre Rocks

We figured that we had about 4-5 days, 6 tops, to get our 4-week long house-sit in Truckee California. So, it was time to leave Yellowstone. Yellowstone should be on our "return-and-visit" list. And, we were not able to get to the Tetons so, what better excuse right? Maybe we'll try again next spring.

So off we headed to Truckee, our first planned stop would be Massacre Rocks State Park, our first experience with the Idaho State Park System, and Idaho in general. As it would turn out, we found a great spot and decided to spend a few days, planning our route to Truckee and just generally taking in the park.

Our of Massacre Rocks State Park from our site.

Here is a link if you want to learn more about the park. Lots of history here. Boy was it hot. I think it was the first time we have turned on the AC during the day in months. Nighttime temps were not terrible, but we kept the AC on right until we hit the rack. You can sleep with the AC on, but it’s like trying to sleep on a bus when your seat is over the rear tire…on a gravel road with pot holes.

Pelicans this far from the ocean seem out of place but are pretty common here.

"Clarks Grebe" can also be found here in numbers.

The Snake River flows through Massacre Rocks State Park. The fishing is very good and the bird activity was top notch, even through it was over 90 degrees during the day.

An afternoon nap seems like a good idea.

Time once again to move. On to the next stop. Stay tuned as John says, “Nay Nay” to Nevada.

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