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Harris Beach State Park, Brookings OR

The Oregon Coast has some pretty dramatic views to offer. If you ever have the chance, I highly recommend all of it!

(22 Aug) Did I mention that we had scored a house sit in Brookings Oregon?

Well, now you know. And it was supposed to start on the 26th of Aug, with orientation the day before. So our plan was to drive up the coast from California and stop at Patricks Point State Park and then stop at Harris Beach State Park. Patricks Beach SP was nice and for whatever reason, even though we didn’t have reservations at Harris Beach until the 25th, we decided to torture ourselves and head to Harris Beach two days early in hopes of scoring a 2-day campsite…without reservations…on labor day weekend. We must be crazy!

The mighty pacific. A great vantage point to spot whales. And we did see a few!

Beach access along the Oregon Coast is said to be some of the best in the world. I tend to agree.

I pulled up to the gate at Harris Beach and the first thing I asked, “Hi, do you have any cancelations?” (It’s what you ask when you’re desperate and you know the campground is full.) The nice lady at the window worked her keyboard and made a few faces as if someone was sticking needles into her toes when suddenly a smile appeared, “I just had a cancellation, looks like it’s yours now!” she said. “Great!” I said…then pushing my luck, “Could we have it for two nights?” She cringed again, “No, I’m afraid…oh, wait…yes, looks like you can. Wow, you guys are pretty lucky.”

When we first arrived, we had several days of great weather!

But there must have been more than luck involved. Because the site that had just opened up for Friday and Saturday was the same exact campsite that we had reserved for Sunday! What are the chances?!

See the face?

We had an interesting stay before in-putting to the Brookings house sit. Lots of walks on the beach. Simply an amazing place.

Oh, and we took a quick trip to Gold Beach for a quick bite. WOW is all I can say.

BBQ including a brisket sandwich, Tri-Tip Sandwich and Smoke Mac & Cheese...


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