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"Time Waits"

East Branch of the Eight Mile River - Our View

Our base camp was not unfamiliar. The property belonged to someone that I knew during my early childhood. Hardworking and trusting folks who were very present during a very tragic time in my life. Their pond always open to swimming and they were always gracious and generous. Weeks before, while making plans to head back east, one of the family members remarked that it would be nice to perhaps go back in time when a garden was on the property, filled with tomatoes, asparagus and corn. Well, that set some gears in my mind in motion, and just like that, I had a mission.

Mother nature takes back what is often left alone.

Many years ago this pond had a beach and a diving board! Good Times!

It had been over 30 years since a garden had been on that property. And since it looked like we would have some time on our hands, I would set out to building a new garden in tribute to the past generation's generosity. A rototiller was procured from yet another friend, garden tools from another and so it began. It took two months to finish the garden, and a few days before I left, I finished the gate and my mission was done.

14 holes for 14 poles. And yes, plenty of rock.

Also while we were there, other friends helped support us by providing a jeep to drive, as well as a hot shower when needed, and way to do laundry. And just as important, a welcome gathering around a fire with good conversation on several nights.

Our second location and our trusty borrowed steed, Quite impressive!

Pizza night with good company.

Best four-legged friends ever! Such good listeners!
Making breadsticks! (Yes, she does sell them and ships them anywhere!)

We did have to move our base camp at one point due to the possibility that some construction would occur at our original location. We put it into high gear and bugged out for another spot about two miles up the road. Each spot had its advantages. We were just happy to be able to have a spot to camp while waiting for our condo to free up. But I can’t help but think it caused some tensions along the way. We were very appreciative for having a place to park and camp. But I learned how important it is for people to communicate, and how little that actually happens with the younger generation. I can hear my wife in the background, "Life is about learning."

The vegetable garden planted, fencing and gate done, my work here is finished. Here's to you Henry and Judy.

"Time Waits?" Yes, I suppose it does.

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