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A little Lyme with our Corona

Not much traffic on The Tappan Zee!

From Danville PA, it seemed like an easy push with only a few hundred miles to go. Would there be roadblocks? Would New York or Connecticut stop us at the border? Sure, it sounds a bit crazy even now, but on April 1st, there was no fooling around.

Seeing the Tappan Zee Bridge in the windshield gave me some relief. Crossing the Hudson would mean our final destination was within easy reach. Traffic seemed to pick up and didn’t seem to get lighter until we were passed Madison. Even though we had about three-quarters of a tank of fuel, I elected to stop one last time and top off. The rest area filling station seemed deserted except for a few trucks. A dozen Tesla charging stations empty. One diesel pump and I was the only one needing it. Gloves on, fuel pumped, back on the road.

The Baldwin Bridge. Old Saybrook to Old Lyme

We arrived at our destination in Lyme Connecticut by early afternoon. We met with the homeowner and talked about site selection and was given the green light for us to chose whatever worked best. It was still a bit wet in certain areas so we chose a part of one property that had an old hunters cottage next to a brook.

Crossing the East Branch of the Eight Mile River

The old asphalt drive-way allowed us to stay high and dry and keep our impact to the property at a minimum. I think it’s safe to say we were pretty tired yet we settled in and made camp. And now, we wait.

This would be home for a while.

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