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Is It Your Turn?

We had one heck of a ride. Almost three years of non-stop adventure seeing this country like most people only dream about and are we very blessed! All the camping in various places that larger rigs or even 2WD vehicles could not access was a great freedom. But we've decided to change directions and are selling our rig. (Interested in purchasing? Scroll Down to bottom.)

And no matter where you turn, there is something new to learn. The whole adventure was probably the single most valuable education we could ever ask for, worth it's weight in gold. We will always have such fond memories of all of the wonderful people we met along the way as well. Not just RV people but all of the great locals we met in every town we passed through. Such an amazing country we live in.

The wildlife we were witness to was also a dream come true for us. To be able to camp in the wilderness among herds of deer and elk or see packs of coyotes roam freely while listening to wolves at dusk are experiences we will not soon forget.

And though with some sadness we close this chapter of our adventure, we look forward to what is ahead of us. One way or another, the saga will continue. In the mean time, who among you are ready for your adventure?

Yes, its hard for us too. But logistically it makes sense.

Asking price for the Tiger is $137,500.00 and $17,500 for the trailer. Though the truck and trailer make a great combination, we certainly will sell them separately or together. If you would like a virtual tour of the coach and the trailer, here are a few links that describe them. Tiger Walk Around,.. Tiger Interior,.. and Turtleback Trailer Description

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