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Cruise Control

"Suit Up! Time to pump some fuel!"

Leaving Albuquerque, the next three days would be somewhat routine. Starting with finding our first private RV park which we arrived at in the late afternoon. Park, eat sleep, wake, drive. Wash, rinse repeat. Until Danville PA.

Coming into Pennsylvania. Still mostly trucks on the road.

Each day was pretty much the same. We drive for about 8-12 hours every day while Yvette tried to calculate where we would be at the end of that day, finding us a place to park before the sun met the horizon. And every day, she nailed it. Coordination for camping last minute not only meant finding a place on the map but also a phone call to assure that park would even be open as closures became commonplace during the initial stages of the Covid onslaught. We found that owners of the parks, usually family operated, were more than sympathetic and generous. One owner even giving us a free night's stay. But even if they were open, many of the park's amenities would be closed. Showers, laundry facilities, access to freshwater, camp stores, all closed due to local guidelines or just as a precaution. Yet just having a place to park for the night was more than welcome.

We tried to average about 500 miles a day heading east.

Driving was fairly straightforward to Pennsylvania. Traffic was usually uncommonly light and for the most part, there were usually more trucks on the road than cars. Sometimes with a ratio close to 50:1! Stopping for fuel became a well-choreographed event. Gloves (when gloves were all the rage!) on before exiting the vehicle, unlock the fuel door with this hand and touch the fuel pump with the other. Credit card decontamination before handing it back through the window, discard gloves before entering the truck, sanitizer before touching this or that…

If someone had to use the restroom, the whole process seemed to go off into the weeds. “Ooops, did I touch that doorknob without my gloves on?” Good lord. All the while watching others not do anything. What should we believe? Better safe than sorry I suppose.

We arrived in Danville, PA on the last day of March. It was cool and clear and as we arrived at our hotel. We were reminded once again as to the pandemic effect on hotels and other public venues. No one in the parking lot except one car belonging to the hotel’s manager. We parked and dragged our bags into the hotel. One last load of laundry, a hot shower, and a soft bed. Tomorrow would be the final push to Lyme Connecticut.

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