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More Flights of Fancy

Pima Air & Space Museum-Tucson, AZ

The Convair B-36 "Peacemaker" is a strategic bomber built by Convair and operated by the United States Air Force (USAF) from 1949 to 1959.

The Pima Air & Space Museum was a great way to spend an afternoon. Not to be confused with “The Boneyard” even though they do somewhat go hand in hand, this museum is filled with lovingly restored aircraft, and some awaiting some TLC.

We traveled by Tiger from our campsite in the Gilbert Ray Campground to the museum that ended being one of the crazier rides to date. I haven't had the dash camera up and running in a while, but for our own sanity (and protection) I think it's time I dust it off and start using it again.

You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced some of the craziest drivers on the planet, right up there with drivers from Austin, Denver and Los Angeles. New York drivers don’t even come close. And yes, even Massachusetts drivers may be working there way down the list of worst drivers as well.

It was a great day to visit this grand airpark. Hardly a cloud in the sky and warm temperatures made this a very enjoyable afternoon.

F-4 Phantom
S/N 48-0614 Columbine — on display at the Pima Air and Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona. This aircraft was used by Dwight D. Eisenhower during his role as Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe commander before he became president.
The Grumman F7F Tigercat is a heavy fighter aircraft that served with the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps from late in World War II until 1954.
Wright Flyer

If you would like to see the accompanying video, click HERE or on the photo link below.


Though the museum also had a great display on space history, we never saw it as it was closed for re-organization. In a way, that was fine as there was so much to see on the flight line, narrowing it down a bit worked out well.

You enter the building, buy your tickets and then head straight into a hanger to see some of the inside exhibits, the first of which is the Wright Flyer hanging from the ceiling. It was an amazing piece of history.The replica on display is full size and has been constructed of the same materials as the original. It was built by Lester Klean of Sun City, Arizona and was acquired by the museum in 1986.

We then exited the hanger onto the giant flight line where we meandered for a while taking in some of the great aircraft of history. If I ever get back this way again, I'll be sure to put this on my repeat list.

Great collection of Migs.
Museum seems to attract overlanders.
Careful young lady, you keep that and up and they just might give you a job!

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