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Phoenix Update

Phoenix, AZ
Hiking around Phoenix. The weather has been great thus far!

So, we are almost at the halfway point of our current house sit. We are planning out the rest of our winter and deep into spring. Unlike the last 6 months, we hope to be able to dry camp more as there seems to be many more government land and other options ahead of us than there were in Oregon and California.

We have debated almost endlessly about whether or not to head into Mexico for a week as part of our visit to Organ Pipe NP, but in light of recent events and speaking with several knowledgeable people, we probably won’t attempt it.

Planned route to Organ Pipe National Monument

That said, our plan after the house sit is to head south to Organ Pipe, visit for a week and then make our way toward Tucson and explore the area! There may even be the possibility of returning to Phoenix to do a repeat house-sit. Then we’ll visit several points of interest through Arizona making our way northwest ending up at the south rim of the Grand Canyon. After that, we’ll work our way north with the weather.

Watching over "Lupe" at our current house-sit.

We don’t have much more planned than that at the moment. I will say that being full-time on the road gives you a heavy disadvantage when it comes to trying to visit certain hot spots. The newer reservation system is not conducive to anyone except those that plan on a 2-week vacation way in advance. As a for instance, we tried several weeks ago to book a week in Zion National park in Utah. No particular time frame mind you, just exploring our options. And there was nothing available, all of the sites were reserved. We do have a shot at one campground but it may be extremely competitive. It is a situation we’re starting to see more and more as we look ahead to spring and summer. The overwhelming amount of people that utilize National Parks and state campgrounds where there is an increasing trend for “reservations only.” Yes, we are looking at other options for camping outside these hot spots, but we're finding that Arizona is a hot-spot for Snow-birds. Not just from the U.S., but Canada as well.

If you want to see some the countries greatest natural wonders, you won't be alone.

It's one thing we really didn't account for, the overwhelming population and just how big it really is!

Finally, we are disturbed at the new administrations' attitude toward the privatization of all National Parks and similar assets. Commercializing these areas is not the answer. Only time will tell but it may be wise if everyone takes interest in this if not for your sake, for future generations.

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1 Comment

Feb 06, 2020

John and Yvette, It was good to run into you guys at Organ Pipe. I enjoyed talking about Tigers and travel. Good luck going forward. Ron

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