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Wellness Check

First of all, how are all of you? Don’t be too anxious, we’re all in this together. And as someone near and dear to me once said, “This too shall pass.”

We are currently somewhat hunkered down in a campground about 30 miles from the town of Globe, AZ. Since it rained yesterday, we went to town and took care of a few errands. The grocery store wasn’t too busy, I think the initial rush and panic shopping mode is almost over. Just about all of the fresh meat, produce, paper products and diary were gone. But we still managed to get most of the rings on our list. Propane is a big deal for us, thankfully refilling yesterday went as planned. The truck uses propane for the generator and 2 burner stove. And the trailer uses propane for it's two burner stove and hot water heater. We are fortunate that I can run the truck's engine (uses diesel fuel) in lei of the generator to charge the coach batteries if need be, so we can jockey resources to make the most of it. When it’s sunny here, the generator doesn’t need to be used at all if we pay attention and manage things.

The campground has a certain feel to it. I won’t sugar coat it, there is definitely an air of uncertainty that is almost palpable. We watch the campers with Canada registrations wondering if they soon will head north answering the call of Prime Minister Trudeau to return home…, “or else.” But there isn’t any moping here. We all go about our daily routines pretty much the same, just being a bit more careful around the restrooms, etc. We have two guys that are near our campsite that provide us with endless hours of music. They come here every year and just jam all day. Folk and jazz mostly. It’s awesome. I laugh occasionally at the irony of it all. Well, you know why right? The whole quartet playing when the Titanic was going down?

Anyway, here is a video of our latest status and how we’re staying flexible. Be safe out there and take care of your neighbor.

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